Staff and Administration

CFCS leadership is dedicated to strengthening children and families through its core values, strategic and financial planning, solid infrastructure and communication.

The staff and administration of CFCS is charged with overseeing programs, infrastructure, human resources, finances, and communication for the agency. The staff is dedicated to providing children and families access to quality child care, family support, economic development, and community education.

Stacie Williams

Interim Executive Director
Phone: (510) 796-9512

Brittany Grigsby

ERSEA Data Entry Specialist

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.5009

Cathy Seymour

Interim Business Manager

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.2222

Cynthia Esquivel-Delgado

Human Resources Manager

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.2225

Diego Vazquez

IT Systems Administrator

Phone: 510-796-9512 Ext.4231

Edna Wang

Senior Accountant

Phone: 510-796-9512 Ext.4656

Ellen Peterson-Allen

Education Services Manager

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.4326

Fatima Miazada

CCCAPP Case Specialist

Phone: 510-796-9512 Ext.5307

Gabriela Rodriguez

Professional Development Coordinator

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.2322

Gloria Sanchez

Purchasing Clerk

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.2234

Janny Chen

Field Services Supervisor

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.5335

Jaquerine Buot

Payroll Clerk

Phone: 510-796-9512 Ext.5010

Jazmin Buenrostro

ERSEA Enrollment Clerk

Phone: 510-796-9512 Ext.4318

Lisa Towles

Special Projects Manager

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.4331

Lorena Ruiz

Administrative Support Assistant

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.4236

Mariela Rivera

CCCAPP Supervisor

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.5304

Mary Jane Celso

Office Assistant

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.2255

Maryam Gonzalez

ERSEA Data Entry Specialist

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.4327

Mila Sedletskaya

Accounting Clerk

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.2237

Natasha Hall-Sevilla

Interim Programs Manager

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.1301

Pete Geiler

Interim Fiscal Director

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.4657

Renita Lozano

Family Services Training Coordinator

Phone: 510-796-9512 Ext.2235

Safia Alocozy

Health and Nutrition Manager

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.4239

Sheilah Guerrero

Human Resources Representative

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.4341

Tamela Lloyd-Carraway

Integrated Services Manager

Phone: (510) 796-9512 Ext.4236